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The settlement of Panorama is only a few kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki. Built at the foot of Mount Hortiatis and at an altitude of 250 m above the Thermaic Gulf. Thanks to its natural beauty and attentive human intervention, it has become one of the most beautiful and exclusive enclaves in the agglomeration of Thessaloniki. As a result of its location, its panoramic view and ideal climate, it has become a pole of attraction to not only individuals seeking permanent residence, but those in search of single or multi-day recreation.

Panorama is the administrative center of the municipality of Hortiati-Pylea, which features modern and luxurious hotel complexes, shopping centers, various noteworthy restaurants offering Greek, Italian, and Chinese cuisine, smart cafes, an open-air cinema and a variety of recreational and sports venues. There are also well-organized sports facilities including football pitches, tennis courts, an indoor multipurpose sports center, modern gym, equestrian club and indoor swimming pool.

In the same municipality as Panorama and only five kilometers distance is the village of Hortiatis. This mountainous area has become a favorite of Thessaloniki’s climbers, as its rich landscape offers beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, shelter, footpaths and can be easily oriented, even for the most novice of climbers. It is also wonderfully ideal for a short family outing, as the locale is reknown for its  ‘tavernas’ or classic Greek restaurants, famously creating traditional Greek specialties.  




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To HOTEL PANORAMA participates actively in the "GREEK BREAKFAST", which is designed to enrich Breakfast, offering pure and unique Greek products as well as with traditional local dishes from Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

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